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An Experienced New Home Builder Based in Brownstown, Michigan

Blue Line Building Co. has gained a reputation throughout the Metro Detroit area for being the right builder at the right price.

New Home Construction in Metro Detroit | Blue Line Building Company - newOur construction team is fully insured and certified, and possesses the training to complete any building project quickly, safely and effectively. We show great attention to detail for each site built, making sure to plan all our projects carefully before we begin construction. We ensure that you have the house you want the first time around, omitting mistakes. 


Custom New Home Construction: Blue Line Building Co. Creates Your Dream Home

Though often considered a piece of property, your home is unlike any other asset. You don’t raise your children in stocks or move to bonds for your blissful retirement. How you plan and build your dream home has enormous implications not only for your finances, but also for your quality of life. As a new home planning and design specialist, Blue Line Building Co. balances financial concerns with your aesthetic and convenience needs, providing you with the ideal luxury home.

In addition to attention to detail and quality, efficient work, we also strive for sustainability. As a Certified Green Professional, we take pride in lowering the environmental footprint of our work, thereby reducing your bills and making you eligible for subsidies and tax credits. The EPA has also given us its lead-safe certification, recognizing our efforts to reduce lead poisoning and all other threats to your health. You can thus be confident that your dream home is safe for your family, your community and your planet.

Custom Luxury Homes Built to Spec

Blue Line Building Co. is committed to the maxim that the customer is always right.

We pay close attention to all of your wishes for your dream home, making sure that no features of the home do not closely match your vision. We will work in tandem with you or your architect, designing a convenient, luxury home that we can build on your property. As soon as the design stage is finished, we begin construction, consulting you throughout the process to ensure that your vision, our designs and the final product all line up with each other.

Let’s Build Something Great

New Home Construction in Metro Detroit | Blue Line Building Company - greatCustom home construction is not just a maintenance service; it is an artistic endeavor, and we are happy to balance the roles of maintenance provider and artist. Our goal is not just to build a home that you will enjoy, but to create a space for you to start a family in, retire in and make all of the best memories possible in. By incorporating the latest artistic and design techniques, we create unique, unforgettable pieces of real estate, inspiring your neighbors to strive for new heights of architecture.

As devoted as we are to art, we never let your needs and preferences take a back seat to our aesthetic efforts. Rather, we find the most artistic ways to fulfill your vision, accentuating the natural beauty of the dream home you want us to build.

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We look forward to making your vision into a reality! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and we can discuss your goals.

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