Beautiful Custom Home Renovations in Brownstown, MI

Whether to open up its interior, make it wheelchair accessible or simply give it a new look, renovations are often necessary for your home.

Home Renovations in Brownstown, Michigan | Blue Line Building Company - kitchenEffective remodeling can make your abode vastly more livable, as well as more valuable and convenient to maneuver through. Blue Line Building Co. has performed quality home renovations throughout the Metro Detroit, MI area, providing a variety of luxury additions to houses of all shapes and sizes.


Whole Home Renovations and Remodeling by a Licensed Contractor

Blue Line Building Co. has a team of experienced, dedicated home remodeling contractors with all the necessary insurance and licensing. Our team can perform the most extensive remodeling jobs quickly and effectively, completely redesigning your house while causing minimal disruption. If you prefer more piecemeal renovations, we can perform them as well, adding any luxury additions that you desire while advising you on ways you could go further. Our goal is to help you make the most informed decision possible about how to enhance your space and then follow your decision to the letter. 

While remodeling your home, we strive to keep the environmental and health impacts as small as we can. We have thus obtained certification as a Green Professional, as well as the EPA’s approval as a Lead-Safe firm. All of our work is done in the most sustainable, hygienic manner possible, ensuring that your family will be safe for generations.

Your Home Reimagined

Our renovations are geared toward expanding the amount of usable space.

Whether you seek more room in your kitchen, a greater interior space for children to play in or new rooms in which to add exercise machines, home theaters or other equipment, adding new additions can substantially improve the convenience of your house. We can also open up the space within existing rooms, taking greater advantage of the area that your home already offers. With our help, you will be able to tailor the building to your activities, rather than having to design your activities around the house.


Home Renovations in Brownstown, Michigan | Blue Line Building Company - accessBlue Line Building Co. firmly believes that everyone should be able to take advantage of their home, regardless of disability, injury, illness or any other accessibility issue. We are thus happy to remodel your home in a way that suits the mobility needs of all inhabitants. We can make the building wheelchair accessible, install additional rails to aid in walking, or change the positions of different rooms in order to make it easier to move between necessary parts of the house. Such renovations are crucial if you suffer an injury that limits your mobility, or if you have a relative visiting or living with you who is elderly or has a disability.

Our construction team takes care to follow all applicable building codes, and we use only the strongest materials in remodeling your house. You can thus be confident that the building will remain safe and accessible for the long haul, no matter the mobility needs of you and your family.

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